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Making a lasting impact within the Central American communities through which La Zona operates is crucial. Through our established partnerships with the Abundant Life Foundation and Trees that Feed Foundation, both 501(c)(3)

non-profit organizations, Destilería La Zona demonstrates its commitment to long-term stability and sustainability for the people of Honduras.


For every La Zona bottle purchased, a portion of profits are directed to the Abundant Life Foundation.

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Admirably, the Abundant Life Foundation has already made marked contributions to the young and impoverished communities in Roatán, Honduras by supporting them with educational resources such as new technology, a library, and the establishment of a scholarship and bilingual literacy program.

Its dedication to long-term sustainability on the island has also allowed new projects like “Los Sueños: The Dreams” to begin serving as the first affordable housing community, making home ownership for working-class residents no longer a mere dream, but rather a sustainable reality.

Similarly, the Trees that Feed Foundation aids in the development of a sustainable community of farmers and workers by harnessing the versatility and abundance of breadfruit, La Zona’s key distilling ingredient.

By participating in the organization’s agribusiness initiative which aids with planting more breadfruit trees in order to amplify economic opportunity, La Zona is able to continue providing financial support and stability to hardworking, low-income individuals in mainland Honduras that harvest breadfruit and utilize its unique properties to produce La Zona’s great-tasting vodka…

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All while enriching the country’s highly polluted atmosphere with fresh oxygen.

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