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Vodka De Honduras


La Zona vodka is the original and authentic Honduran vodka. Where most small distilleries and many large distilleries all use the same sourced grain vodka from the Midwest United States, Destileria La Zona makes its vodka from scratch using locally-grown yuca, breadfruit, plantains and corn grown in Honduras.


The distillers implement centuries-old potato vodka methods to produce a unique vodka found nowhere else in the world. Quadruple distilled for purity, charcoal filtered to strip away harsh flavors, and hand-strained to remove all sediment, La Zona vodka is crystal clear and deliciously smooth with subtle, sweet undertones that reflect the unique region in which it is produced.

Using the breadfruit grown on the property of the distillery, La Zona has produced an extra  smooth and delicious vodka, perfect for drinking straight or mixing into your favorite cocktail. 


La Zona purchases locally grown seasonal fruit to develop incredibly fresh and unique infused vodkas that are found nowhere else in the world. The family at La Zona invite you to enjoy this small-batch, one-of-a-kind vodka.

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